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          Timney Triggers® 2 Stage Right Hand Trigger Black Remington 700 533

          Manufacturer: Timney Triggers®
          SKU: TIM533
          GTIN: 81950533008
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          This Timney set the standard for aftermarket trigger upgrades for the AR/M4 rifle

          A drop in, complete assembly trigger

          The trigger is factory tuned for a short first stage set at 2 pounds with a 2 pound second stage

          The trigger makes use of your rifle's original hammer/trigger pins

          Available in straight or curved trigger shoes

          2-stage trigger pull designed specifically for those who prefer short-pull, two-stage triggers in their AR rifles

          • Trigger allows you to become more accurate with your rifle
          • No gunsmith needed, easy to install
          • Ready for the range, no adjustments needed
          • No additional parts needed to install trigger
          • Trigger shoe options to fit your feel/style

          Remington 700 Adjustment Guide

          Remington 700 Adjustment Guide

          1. Sear Engagement
          Cock rifle.
          Engage safety.
          Turn screw clockwise until it stops (hits the safety)
          Back off screw until safety plunger moves freely.
          Test the safety to make sure it moves back and forth smoothly.
          Re-engage the safety and make sure the trigger doesn't have excessive movement with the safety in the safe position.

          2. Overtravel After you adjust your sear engagement dry fire the rifle. Without cocking tighten the over travel screw in until it hits the trigger and then back it out about 1/6 of a turn or one flat of the hex wrench. It should move freely and fire easily but you shouldn't have to �chase� the trigger more than about .015

          3. Pull weight It's important that you NOT take the pull weight too low; it must maintain spring pressure or will Bump / slam fire. When you pull the trigger, with the bolt open, the trigger's spring should return it to the neutral position; if it doesn't you don't have enough spring pressure. To adjust spring pressure turn the screw in (Clockwise) until you can feel the pressure of the spring on the actual trigger lever. Close the bolt and dry fire the rifle. We recommend using a trigger pull gauge in the center of the trigger to measure the pull weight. If you don't have one you need to get one, they aren't very expensive, we sell them for around $35.00 It must be between 1.5 and 4lbs to function correctly. From there you take the screw in or out to measure the feel (weight) of the trigger.


          Once you have it set where you like it rapid dry fire to ensure it functions perfectly. Test for slam fires by closing the bolt harder, don't get insane but do shut it hard and with more force than normal. You are testing for accidental or unintentional discharge, if you were hunting and had to rapidly reload and do a second shot it shouldn't discharge unintentionally.

          When you reassemble, be sure to use a flashlight to look into the trigger well, the trigger should not rub or make contact with the trigger well or the trigger guard. It should, in theory, float through without contact, close is good, however rubbing is bad. With the rifle in the cocked position and the safety engaged drop the rifle 12 inches, but first, onto a padded floor to test for drop fire. It should not fire with the safety on and shouldn't dent a primer either.

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          Remington 700 Adjustment Guide


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